Fire Protection Equipment Recycling


Steadfast Fire Extinguishers Ltd.,  o/a Steadfast Safety Services  was incorporated in The Province of Ontario in 1991,  we have been providing new fire equipment of all types to industrial, institutio‚Äčnal, manufacturing and many other sectors.


End of life fire equipment can be picked up by our service trucks or can be shipped to our facility using your carrier.  We also have a walk in service for small quantity clients who want to ensure that the equipment ir properly recycled.

Collection of dry chemical agent 

All equipment is properly discharged,  all agent collected and stored in containers for delivery to the waste recycling facility where it is disposed of in accordance with Ministry of The Environment regulations

Most Materials Recycled

Once agent has been removed and the cylinder has been thoroughly cleaned of all residue , the extinguisher is taken apart.  The parts are separated into different collection stations where we separate the materials into steel, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, plastic and rubber. 

Final Separation

Materials are sorted further into base metal containers and delivered to the recycling facility to begin their journey back into the world of recycled products.

Steel, Aluminum and Stainless agent cylinders are sorted and then prepared for the recycling facility.

Emergency lighting and other fire equipment are sorted, taken apart and all materials recycled.